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Face scrub sponge (green)

8,00 KM
of 100% pure, homemade wool

Wooling sponge is used to cleanse the face, remove dead cells, thoroughly cleanse the skin, stimulate circulation and natural skin renewal. Without any additives or artificial colors, the anti-allergenic Wooling sponge is the ideal solution for cleansing all skin types.

For oily skin types, this sponge will help cleanse the top layer of skin without roughly removing natural oils, while for dry skin it will reduce additional drying.

Problematic skin prone to acne and pimples will find a new ally in the Wooling sponge as it will gently cleanse the skin and prevent the accumulation of impurities in the pores. Put your favorite face wash (gel, foam, soap…) on a wet Wooling sponge, gently massage your face, then wash. After cleansing the face, wash the sponge well with warm water, wring it out and leave it in an airy and clean place to dry.


It is important to know:

Wooling products are biodegradable.

Wooling products are not tested on animals.

Wooling products are antiallergenic.

date of production: October 2019

shelf life: 4 years

Units in box: 1
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