Wool is a raw material compatible with man because it consists keratin (like human hair and nails).

Wool - Material harmonized with man

Wool is a very good thermal insulator and is not flammable. The only advantage of wool is its breathability. Wool is a natural fibre that is degradable and can be composted. Sheep's wool is a 100% natural product and there is no need for any chemical treatment before use. That is why it is a completely ecological product that does not pollute the environment.

There is no allergy to wool, except for very rare cases of allergy to lanolin (fat in wool). For people allergic to lanolin, we recommend alpaca products.

Wool used for the production of WOOLING is procured exclusively in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is no abuse or torture of sheep when shearing / obtaining wool. Wool washing is done exclusively with ecological soap, without chemical treatment.

For the production of WOOLING, only 1st class wool is used - wool from the sheep's back.