About Wooling team

From the creative Animaknitts workshop comes something completely new, something that will especially delight dear ladies who put health and care first.

Who stands behind Wooling

The owner and the main ‘culprit’ for all the wonderful Animaknitts products, Lejla Mandžuka-Smajić, designed and created WOOLING (wool & peeling) - a handmade, completely natural facial cleansing sponge. Wooling is made from pure wool of the domestic sheep pramenka. Without any additives or artificial colours, the anti-allergenic Wooling sponge is the ideal solution for cleansing all skin types. The wool from which this unique sponge is made is sharper than mohair wool and is ideal for facial peels. It perfectly cleanses the skin, removing dead cells from it, stimulates circulation, rejuvenates the skin and restores its natural glow.

10 creative and talented ladies, led by Lejla Mandžuka-Smajić, are engaged in the production and packaging of this unique, natural sponge for facial peeling, who with a lot of love, every day, handmade an innovative natural wool product in their workshop in Travnik.

They are proud to promote the wool of domestic pramenka sheep as an incredibly high-quality raw material, and that, at the same time, they have been enabled, as young, talented ladies, to be empowered in their creativity and feel valuable members of this society.

Furthermore, Wooling was recognized by the international drugstore chain as an innovative and interesting product for the market, and was immediately on all their shelves. A line for men and children is planned as well.